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Books that I have recently read

  • J.R. Ward: Lover Unbound
    Book 6 of "The Black Dagger Brotherhood" series. I have read the other 5 books as well and have enjoyed them all equally. Fantasy, erotic love story. (***)
  • Janelle H. Mock: Portraits Of The Toughest Job in The Army
    Great book. I cried, I sympathized with many of the woman, etc. It has different stories of women married to soliders of various rank, years of service, etc. I enjoyed it. Plus, a portion of the author's (also a military wife)royalties are donated to The Fisher House. (****)
  • Mary Janice Davidson: undead and Uneasy
    Book 6 of the "Undead series". More fun and fluff. Light read. (***)
    Great read! (Thanks Steph!) I learned so much about the situation in Afghanistan as the Taliban took over until present day. You think you have it rough in whatever trivial day to day item, then you need to read this book. (****)
  • Mary Janice Davidson: UNDEAD AND UNAPRECIATED
    Book III of the series. Cute. Entertaining. (***)
  • Mary Janice Davidson: UNDEAD AND UNEMPLOYED
    Book II of the "Betsy---the Vampire Queen" series. Cute, funny read. Entertaining. (***)
  • Mary Janice Davidson: DEAD AND UNWED
    Book I of a series. Similar to Sex and the City with a vampiric twist. Comedy. (***)
  • John Grisham: THE KING OF TORTS
    Excellent read! Highly recommended, very entertaining. :-) (****)
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